Child Safeguarding
Risk Assessment Document for Cork Schoolboys League

This risk assessment considers the potential for harm to come to children whilst they are in CSL’s care. Clubs who are constituent parts of our league will be required to develop their own Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment.

This risk assessment precedes the Child Safeguarding Statement (Section 11 (1b) Children First Act 2015) which is developed following this risk assessment process. In accordance with the requirements of Section 11 (1) of the Children First Act 2015 the risk is of abuse and not general health and safety risk (covered under a separate

H&S policy and risk assessment).

Section 11 (1) of the Children First Act 2015 states that where a person proposes to operate as a provider of a relevant service, he or she shall, within3 months from the date on which he or she commences as such a provider — (a) Undertake an assessment of any potential for harm to a child while availing of the service (in this section referred to as a “risk”).

25/03/2022 22:57
Cork Schoolboys League Child Safeguarding Statement
17/03/2022 20:34