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Great Offer from the Planet Entertainment Centre
Please support our website sponsors - The Planet Entertainment Centre in Blackpool

Great midweek offer from our CSL Website sponsors - the Planet Entertainment Centre in Blackpool.

09/09/2019 18:52
ATTENTION for all coaches & volunteers!

It is a statutory requirement under the National Vetting Act (Children and Vulnerable Persons) that all individuals, volunteers or paid, working with Children have completed Garda vetting clearance

Check out the video.

12/08/2019 18:09
Super Offer from JOMA

Please see super offer from our CSL Gear Sponsors JOMA.

It's a JOMA Dali S5 Training Ball Offer for all clubs from Adrian Ryan's Sports Gear Direct shop on Tramore Road......why not give Adrian a call.

12/08/2019 18:14